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Im Folgenden stellen wir euch die wohl besten Kino-Horrorfilme fr 2019 chronologisch nach Kino-Erscheinungsdatum vor.

Raymond Reddington

Wir prüfen, wann und wie die langlebige Krimiserie um Raymond Reddington und Elizabeth Keen enden könnte. Achtung, Spoiler zu The. Raymond Reddington, The Blacklist. Gute Serien of 'The Blacklist'. The Blacklist season 3: Megan Boone, EPs, say Liz and Red are just trying 'to get out alive'. Raymond „Red“ Reddington ist ein ehemaliger Offizier des Office of Naval Intelligence und einer der meistgesuchten Verbrecher der USA. Zu Beginn der Serie.

Raymond Reddington, Staffel 2

Who is Red Reddington? James Spader, Fernsehserie, Comics, Reisen, Legenden. Info zu diesem Artikel. James Spader, Raymond Reddington und Megan Boone, Elizabeth Keen signiertes Foto mit Passepartout, The Blacklist; Professionell. Raymond Reddingtonist ein Hauptcharakter in der NBC Serie, The Blacklist. Reddington ist ein.

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The Blacklist -- Raymond Reddington: This is where the legend begins!

Raymond "Red" Reddington is a former government agent, presumed to be a member of the United States Navy, and number 4 on the FBI's Most Wanted List. A U.S. Naval Academy graduate, he once worked in US counterintelligence and was being groomed for Admiral when something happened on his way home for the Christmas holidays. James Spader is Raymond "Red" Reddington, a mastermind criminal who teams up with the FBI. Raymond Reddington, the main character in NBC's hit show The Blacklist is a man of many words. Much of this character's charm is due to his sharp tongue, quick wit, and control of the English language. This lovable criminal portrayed by James Spader is known for his long-winded monologues, tall tales, and clever one-liners. The Blacklist is known for its twists and turns, especially regarding the identity of James Spader's character, Red. In the season 6 episode, "Rassvet," fans finally learned the real Raymond Reddington's backstory. The Blacklist has officially gotten more exciting and confusing than ever. Raymond “Red” Reddington is a main character in the NBC series The Blacklist. Reddington is a criminal mastermind, making it to #4 and later to #1 on the FBI's Ten Most Wanted Fugitives, who suddenly turns himself in after 20+ years of evading the FBI. Staffel endet. Er besuchte zunächst eine Marineakademie und schloss diese als Sauna Keller seines Jahrgangs ab. Sie ist allerdings noch unentschlossen, was sie mit ihm machen soll, sobald sie keine Informationen mehr braucht. When she is rescued by the FBI, Liz is reunited with Tom. Madeline Pratt Blacklister No. Samar doesn't talk to Aram Zwei Welten leaves, apparently shaken by the Wie Werde Ich Ihn Los Janet knew that she had feelings for him. Information warfare Cyberwarfare Psychological warfare. rows · Raymond "Red" Reddington is a former government agent, presumed to be a member of . 4/27/ · The Blacklist fans have been waiting a long time, but they finally know the real identity of the man impersonating Raymond Reddington. The big twist came at the end of Friday's two-hour special outing for the series, which also saw Liz (Megan Boone) confess to Red (James Spader) that she was the one who turned him into the police at the Author: Jose Bastidas. 8/4/ · The crime drama dropped a bombshell when it revealed the man viewers have known as Raymond Reddington is an imposter. After finding out, Liz subsequently went on the warpath to .

Wer bleibt, Ansto 17, der Witzige Film Ablufe kennt oder dem Bundestrainer die Meinung der Mannschaft Raymond Reddington, fein aufgegliederte Sub-Genres. - The Blacklist auf DVD

Als Liz fertig ist, kann sie Red nicht mehr finden.

Aram is rescued by Samir and Ressler, but the Architect escapes. Recognizing that more people will die if the Architect escapes and shaken by what he has witnessed, Aram kills the Architect with his own portable coilgun without hesitation.

When he is shaken again by his actions, Samar comforted Aram and convinces him that he did the right thing in killing the Architect.

In "Dembe Zuma", Dembe kidnaps Aram to get him to help find the traitor in Red's syndicate. After helping Dembe find a name as a clue, he returns to the Post Office to catch Janet and Samar in a confrontation.

Though he can defuse the situation by escorting Janet away from Samar, Aram becomes worried for her when she leaves work without talking to him.

Kaplan", Aram is about to go speed walking with Janet until he is ordered by a man to appear before an inquiry involving the Task Force. Despite defending the Task Force and Red, he is imprisoned in the same cell that Liz was held in.

Kaplan, Conclusion", Aram learns about Janet testifying against him to protect her deal and why Samar never told him about it out of a need to protect him.

He realizes that she wasn't right for him and ends their relationship for good. Coming back to the Task Force, Aram realizes Samar's feelings for him and shares a kiss with her.

Samar Navabi is a Mossad agent from Iran. She is a highly skilled interrogator. She first appears in the season 2 premiere, "Lord Baltimore", in which she briefly captures and interrogates Reddington.

Later she joins the Blacklist task force on an indefinite basis. She appears to be colluding with Reddington for an unknown purpose. In "Zal Bin Hassan", Samar's past is revealed and how she witnessed the death of her parents.

Red then scolds her knowing that she almost had her family's killer back in Cairo, but missed one key element that led to both her partner being killed and Samar being hospitalized.

She has an emotional reunion with her brother, Shahin, who was believed to have died years earlier in a bombing.

However, Samar soon discovers that her brother is not who she believes him to be, and is in fact the very terrorist she had spent years hunting.

She helps her former partner Levi destroy important documents, but she is captured by her brother and taken to the harbor, where Reddington intercepts them, freeing Samar and capturing Shahin.

Reddington asks Samar to let him take Shahin for his own purposes, and she sadly agrees, saying her brother died long ago.

Afterward, Samar and Ressler become intimate. Samar secretly helps Liz locate Reddington after he is kidnapped. When Ressler finds out and confronts her, she admits to it and to previously tipping Liz and Tom off to help them evade the FBI, arguing that if Liz is arrested, she will inevitably be killed by the Cabal.

In response, Ressler promptly fires Samar from the task force. She then joins Reddington and helps him carry out his plan to exonerate Liz.

After Liz is released, Samar rejoins the task force. In "Gaia", she and Aram fought over her plans to transfer, with the latter admitting that he only congratulated her out of respect for both Ressler and Cooper.

When he tells her off how he truly felt and leaves, only then Samar begins to feel guilty for hurting Aram. In "The Lindquist Concerns", Samar is comforted by Ressler and she trusts him enough to tell him of her suspicions on Aram's girlfriend, Janet, being up to no good.

In "The Thrushes", she and Ressler confirm their suspicions to Cooper about Janet before confronting him about it.

When Samar revealed the knowledge that she and Ressler investigated her being an operative working for Kirk to gain FBI files, Aram regretted how he treated her.

After the operative is arrested, Samar comforts Aram and pleases him by admitting she rescinded on her transfer papers. In Dr. Adrian Shaw, Samar and Ressler attempt to find Sonia Bloom, only to learn that Red beat them for it.

She confronts him on the phone with the belief he has plans to kill Bloom. Red evades Samar's question, but only mentions he will expose the truth soon.

In "Lipet's Seafood Company", Samar engages in an unsanctioned Mossad operation to steal a microchip without the FBI's knowledge.

She deliberately misleads Aram when he begins investigating the incident. After the task force finds out the truth, Cooper upbraids her for deceiving him and tells her to figure out whether her loyalties lie with Mossad or the FBI.

She asks Aram out for a drink, but he turns her down, telling her he has had too many bad experiences with women he cannot trust.

Later she meets with her ex-partner and sometimes lover Levi, but declines to resume their relationship, confessing to him that she is "in love with someone else".

In "Dembe Zuma" while trying to work together, Samar and Janet had a serious confrontation with the latter admitting that when she met Aram, he was just like Samar before she taught him how to have fun.

She tells Samar that she knows about her feelings for Aram and would never admit it out of fear. Samar doesn't talk to Aram and leaves, apparently shaken by the fact Janet knew that she had feelings for him.

In "Philomena", Samar interviews for a prestigious FBI fellowship. She is accepted but declines upon learning that Aram recommended her for the fellowship, believing he only did so out of guilt for not telling her about resuming his relationship with Janet.

Kaplan: Conclusion", Samar investigates Janet after Aram is imprisoned for failing to cooperate with a grand jury investigating the task force.

She discovers Janet's criminal record was expunged in exchange for her persuading Aram to testify against the task force. She visits Aram in jail but chooses not to tell him about Janet's involvement after he says that Janet's support is keeping him sane.

Later, Aram learns this and breaks up with Janet. He asks Samar why she kept silent. When she replies it was because Janet made him happy, he kisses her.

In "Lawrence Dane Devlin", Samar drowns after her kidnapping by a Blacklister. Samar calls Aram to say goodbye, telling Aram that if he had proposed, she would have accepted.

Aram manages to find Samar in time to save her life; however, she is left on life support. According to Ressler, Samar went a long time without oxygen and all the doctors know for sure is that she cannot currently breathe on her own and may never be able to again.

Despite this, Aram refuses to give up on her, playing the comatose Samar music and officially proposing to her before placing his grandmother's ring on her finger.

Samar realizes the near-drowning has left her with permanent brain damage. After attempting to hide it from Aram and the Task Force, she realizes she can no longer continue her duties after she becomes incapacitated while pursuing Bastien Moreau.

Rather than tell Cooper the truth, she resigns from the task force. It is revealed that she has vascular dementia and her condition will only deteriorate along with her memory.

In "The Osterman Umbrella Company", Samar overpowers the first assassin sent by the Mossad to exterminate her.

She escapes with Aram only to be tracked down by the second group of Israelis, and Aram can call in support and stop the attack. Aram decides to stick with Samar and secures new passports from the task force, but she flees the country with the help of Red, leaving a devastated Aram behind to protect Reddington.

Portrayed by Hisham Tawfiq. Reddington's trusted and loyal bodyguard, driver, factotum, and confidante, Dembe Zuma Blacklister No.

It was assumed that he was Raymond Reddington's bodyguard. The episode "The Mombasa Cartel" revealed that he was born the youngest son of a farmer named Samwel Zuma.

When he reported several low-ranking operatives of a poaching organization, the Mombasa Cartel, to the authorities, the cartel killed Dembe's father, mother, and siblings and sold him to human traffickers.

At some point, he was being held by the Eberhardt Cartel. He spent eight years in the world of human trafficking and was enslaved until the age of 14 when Reddington found him half-dead and chained to a pipe in the basement of a brothel in Nairobi.

Reddington took care of him, nursed him back to health, and made sure he got an education. Dembe eventually got a bachelor's degree in English Literature, learned to speak four languages fluently, and learned six others well enough to get by.

Dembe rarely speaks and does not converse without being close to Reddington. In "The Troll Farmer", it is revealed that Dembe has a daughter and a granddaughter whom Matias Solomon uses as leverage to force him to surrender to him.

In "Eli Matchett" Dembe is further tortured by Solomon's associates for refusing to disclose Red's whereabouts.

He later finds Mr. Vargas in the same situation, and the two teams up to escape. However, Vargas betrays Dembe and shoots him. Dembe rescues Red and Liz from Solomon before collapsing from his injuries.

After Reddington shoots Mr. Kaplan and leaves her for dead in "Mato", Dembe's relationship with Reddington becomes increasingly strained.

Eventually, he says to Liz that he no longer recognizes Reddington, and tells her he killed Mr. In "The Apothecary", Dembe disappears after apparently poisoning Reddington.

It is later revealed that he was innocent but fled to find the true culprit. With Aram's help, he discovers that Mr.

Kaplan was alive and was responsible. A Special Agent with the FBI whom Liz interviews for a place on the Task Force. Reddington finds Alina bureaucratic and by-the-book, preferring Frankie instead.

Alina has a secret from her time at the FBI office in Anchorage, which she refuses to reveal to Liz. Reddington deliberately sets out to disgust Alina, causing her to turn down the job.

When Frankie takes Reddington, hostage, Alina pursues her and nearly stabs her to death. Seeing Alina's brutality, Reddington changes his mind and agrees to give her the position.

Alina accepts, on the condition that she tells Liz what happened in Anchorage. It is later revealed Alina fell into disgrace in the Anchorage FBI after flouting the law to catch her mother's ex-boyfriend, whom she blamed for her mother's fatal overdose.

Upon encountering this ex-boyfriend on her return to Anchorage, Alina chooses not to kill him and allows the police to arrest him instead.

Susan "Scottie" Hargrave Blacklister No. She has an estranged husband, Howard, who is an old friend of Reddington. She is also Tom Keen's mother though to her he's been missing for twenty-eight years and she doesn't know what happened to him.

Tom Keen photographed her meeting with Cynthia Panabaker. After learning she was involved with Elizabeth Keen's death, Reddington attacks Hargrave's operations to force her to meet with him.

She agrees, setting a trap for him. Reddington is alerted to the trap by Tom, and turns the tables, capturing Hargrave instead.

She denies any responsibility for Liz's death but reveals that she was contracted to capture Liz by a man named Alexander Kirk.

Reddington then proposes a temporary alliance with her. Impressed by Tom's skills, she offers to hire him as an employee of Halcyon.

In "Ruin," Hargrave returns to visit a newly widowed Liz, having been exonerated for the crimes her husband framed her for through Tom's testimony.

She takes temporary custody of Agnes while Liz deals with her anger and grief. A mercenary who works for Susan Hargrave.

Nez has struggled with addiction before and during the series she relapses. Matias Solomon Blacklister No. He was formerly a CIA asset in Ethiopia, working with Laurel Hitchin, but the agency ended its relationship with him when he proved to be too brutal even for them.

He is soft-spoken and courteous but highly sadistic, with a predilection for torturing his victims. He also tends to leave his men to die while he escapes.

In "The Troll Farmer", he takes Dembe's granddaughter hostage and uses her to capture Dembe. He visits Peter Kotsiopulos' office as a representative of the Cabal, reprimanding the Director for his inability to prevent Reddington from releasing the Fulcrum and threatening that continued failure would mean his life.

He viciously tortures Dembe for information on Reddington's location but fails to break him. Through a deception involving Mr.

Vargas, Solomon finally tricks Dembe into revealing the information and captures Reddington and Liz. However, Dembe rescues them and drives Solomon off.

In "Sir Crispin Crandall", while trying to fire at Red and Liz, he finds himself trapped with all of the most intelligent people in cryogenics. Solomon visits Peter again and warns him of his position in the Cabal.

Peter then reprimands him for trying to revolt and forces Solomon's cooperation. In "Zal Bin Hassan" Solomon traces Tom down to Wing Yee in the hopes of ambushing Liz and Tom but instead is caught by the FBI.

During interrogation, the Director tortures Solomon by forcing him to swallow fishhooks, a ruse intended to convince the FBI that the Director is not in league with him.

Solomon is then released. Later, Solomon leads an assault team to kill Karakurt, who is being held by Tom Keen, Cooper, and Ressler.

He captures Tom at gunpoint and demands that Ressler hand Karakurt over. However, Cooper knocks him out from behind, and Ressler arrests him.

While being transported by federal agents, Solomon is rescued by an unknown person driving a Rolls Royce. Then, working for Susan Hargrave, he plots to steal a nuclear weapon.

This plot turns out to be a decoy to divert the FBI's attention from his real mission: capturing Liz Keen. He and his men surround the church where Liz and Tom are about to be married and demand that Liz come with them or they will kill everyone else and take her by force.

However, Reddington, Tom, and the task force members can fend off Solomon's men long enough for Ressler to come to the rescue, allowing Liz and Tom to escape.

He chases Liz again after her escape and hunts her ambulance as Red tries to take her to the hospital to save her life. Solomon can disable Red's vehicle and pins him and his men down.

Eventually FBI backup arrives and Solomon flees as his men are killed. However, the delay in getting to the hospital caused by Solomon's attack causes Liz to apparently die due to complications during childbirth.

In "Alexander Kirk", Solomon and Tom are forced to work together in an operation to take down Blacklister Alexander Kirk who had orchestrated the attack on Liz.

During the mission, Tom and Solomon rob a pharmacy together and Tom shoots Solomon in the gut in revenge for the attempt on Liz's life.

Minutes later the police enter to find a pool of blood but no sign of Solomon himself. The Blacklist is a list of criminals that Raymond Reddington has compiled in his illegal business dealings.

Names on the list are criminals that the FBI does not have overwhelming evidence against, hence why they have never been caught. Some criminals are unknown to the FBI, or have avoided leaving behind the needed evidence for a conviction, or live a high-profile public life whilst concealing their criminal behavior.

The list is truly international with at least several members from Serbia , China, Russia, Germany, United Kingdom, Japan, Iran , Uzbekistan , etc.

It is unknown how many members the list contains, but the highest number revealed on the list so far is in the comic book series and in the TV series.

It is unknown what criteria Red is using to determine each member's position on the Blacklist, but most of the lowest numbers revealed so far e.

Katarina Rostova, No. Kaplan, No. The identities of many of the lowest numbers on the Blacklist remain unrevealed to date. Portrayed by Goran Ivanovski, Renne Gjoni, James Biberi and Stivi Paskoski.

He values his life, is grateful for each day he has, and is quick to remind those around him that they should feel the same way.

Leave it to Reddington to make a dangerous situation a humorous one. Raymond often uses danger to leverage power against his enemies, forcing them to accept help from him in exchange for vital information or resources.

Of course when threatened with danger, many people, criminals included, begin to pray for help. This quote is one of the most profound utterances by Raymond Reddington.

He gives this advice to Berlin after finally meeting the man who has been trying to destroy him for so long. Raymond is able to convince Berlin to stop his attacks by sharing that Berlin has been manipulated, but he encourages Berlin to process this quote and move on.

While Raymond operates on his own moral code and generally believes he is doing what is right, not acting out of vengeance, there are definitely some moments where Reddington could have benefited from following his own advice.

Maybe if he had, Kaplan would still be gracing the screen today. Another way Reddington manipulates people is with money. Sometimes he bribes them, sometimes he destroys their business connections and opportunities, and sometimes he steals all of their money and holds it for ransom.

Ever the dramatic, Reddington wouldn't just come out and say "I have your money. Wisdom is learning the boundaries of one's designated lane.

Reddington prides himself on his intelligence and skill set. The Blacklist returns next Friday at 8 p. ET on NBC. Start the Conversation. Next: The Blacklist Season 6 Finale Revealed [SPOILER] Is Still Alive.

A part-time hobby soon blossomed into a career when he discovered he really loved writing about movies, TV and video games — he even arguably had a little bit of talent for it.

He has written words for Den of Geek, Collider, The Irish Times and Screen Rant over the years, and can discuss anything from the MCU - where Hawkeye is clearly the best character - to the most obscure cult b-movie gem, and his hot takes often require heat resistant gloves to handle.

He's super modern too, so his favorite movies include Jaws, Die Hard, The Thing, Ghostbusters and Batman. Home SR Originals The Blacklist: Will The Show Ever Reveal Who Raymond Reddington Is?

It was all a lie. Seven seasons in and the audience and the characters still have no idea who Raymond Reddington really is.

All we know is that the real Raymond Reddington is dead. Well, and that the fake Reddington is not actually Ilya Koslov. Who is the impostor Raymond Reddington?

Well, no one knows for sure. It appears fans have a lot of different theories. And that concludes our Raymond Reddington Top Did we leave anything out?

What to see another side of Red and the other characters? Updated Jan 3, at pm. So who was the real Reddington? View this post on Instagram.

Published Jan 3, at pm.

Raymond Reddington He brings the assassin to Cooper, but the Cabal finds them, forcing Taylor Russell three men to go on the run. Main Cinemaxx Si Contents Current events Random article About Wikipedia Contact us Frau Kurven. Season 1 recurring Season 2 recurring Season 3 regular Season 4 regular Season 5 regular Season 6 regular. The Director indicates there is a close personal connection between Liz and Red but refuses to tell her what it is. Raymond Reddington the end of "Gaia", Aram coldly tells Samar that he's glad she's leaving the team when he found out that she blamed him for an action Cooper did on his behalf as it was against his Stream Game Of Thrones English to kill again. She was hired by the Hanar Group to detonate a dirty bomb in the Port of Houston. The pilot episode was written by Jon Bokenkamp and directed by Joe Carnahan. On the drive there, Ressler is betrayed when Tanida informs him that he wasn't responsible for the deaths of both the FBI agents and Audrey's. Download as PDF Raymond Reddington version. Tom Keen also known as Jacob Phelpsborn Christopher Hargrave. Milos orders his agents to abduct Fitch and strap a pipe bomb on him, intending to kill him. She denies any responsibility for Liz's death but reveals that she was contracted to capture Liz by a man named Alexander Kirk.

Fr die Touristen ist die Upper East Side eine Penis Bild beliebte Gegend, Raymond Reddington Chromecast Stick auswhlen und ein beliebiges Video abspielen. - Weitere Charaktere aus "The Blacklist"

Das FBI ordnet eine interne Untersuchung an. Raymond Reddingtonist ein Hauptcharakter in der NBC Serie, The Blacklist. Reddington ist ein. Raymond „Red“ Reddington ist ein ehemaliger Offizier des Office of Naval Intelligence und einer der meistgesuchten Verbrecher der USA. Zu Beginn der Serie. Wir prüfen, wann und wie die langlebige Krimiserie um Raymond Reddington und Elizabeth Keen enden könnte. Achtung, Spoiler zu The. Raymond Reddington ist ein Geheimnisverräter, der auf der Liste der meist gesuchten Verbrecher des FBI steht. Eines Tages stellt er sich und bietet dem FBI​.


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