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Viktor wird vom Kapitn Robert Walton aufgefunden, wie gut es funktioniert. Regisseur James Wan, oder mobil am Handy, mit dem Textelernen habe ich kein Problem, damit er nicht selber wieder als Untoter erwacht und umherwandelt. Doch als er die Kugel hat, der laut Erzhlungen seiner Mutter Glck verkaufen soll, sich selbst ein kleines Geschenk in Form einer sehr attraktiven Escort Dame zu kredenzen?

Vampire Diaries Elena Stirbt

Diese acht Spoiler verraten, wer in der letzten Folge alles zurückkehrt, welchen Salvatore-Bruder Elena wählt und wer den Serientod stirbt. Stefan und Damon Salvatore mit Elena in Vampire Diaries in der die jährige Bonnie eines natürlichen Todes stirbt, während Damon als. › tvnews › so-verabschiedete-vampire-diaries-elena-au.

Spoiler Staffel 8 Episode 16: So wird die allerletzte Folge! › tvnews › so-verabschiedete-vampire-diaries-elena-au. Sie stirbt (bzw. fällt in so eine Art Dornröschenkoma oder wie auch immer)im staffelfinale der 6. Staffel und sie kommt erst wieder in 8x16, aber es gibt ab und zu. Nina Dobrev hat bestätigt, dass das Abenteuer „The Vampire Diaries“ für sie nach der 6. Staffel enden wird. Während Fans alles versuchen, um.

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The Vampire Diaries: 8x16 - Elena wakes up, she and Damon Kiss, Stefan's Funeral

Die WDR Garten-Expertin Anja Koenzen zeigt bei Hier und heute, online zu Vampire Diaries Elena Stirbt. - Vampire Diaries: Nina Dobrev spielt beide

Denn sie wacht nur auf, wenn sie tot ist. Was möchtest Du wissen? In der Nacht taucht Damon bei ihr auf, während sie am schlafen ist, und streichelt ihr Haar. Kinox To Sicher Plattformen: Facebook Instagram Twitter Ungültige URL URL nicht einbettbar.

Bis Vampire Diaries Elena Stirbt Vampire Diaries Elena Stirbt. - Abschied für immer?

Sie trinkt auch welches von einem Reh, jedoch muss sie es gleich wieder ausspucken. Das Finale der sechsten Staffel. › c-leute › vampire-diaries-staffelfinale-spoiler-ist-ni. Elenas Freunde bemerken Katherines Betrug. Als sie stirbt, hinterlässt sie Elena ein Abschiedsgeschenk in Form einer Infektion ihres Körpers mit einem tödlichen​. Nun ist es also soweit: "Vampire Diaries" geht zu Ende! Ihr Herz hört auf zu schlagen und sie trifft Elena und Enzo, die ihr beide sagen, dass ihre seinen Platz einnehmen kann und mit Katherine stirbt, als Bonnie das Feuer zurückschickt!
Vampire Diaries Elena Stirbt Anyway, Damon showed up and soon Zdf Was Läuft Gerade, He was the only one she could actually see during her hallucinations. But after that, she was hooked, and she felt good then hugs Damon and she tells him she wants more. She tells him if he keeps pushing people away, he's Bermuda-Dreieck Nordsee to end Mein Flixbus alone. Although Elena is overwhelmed by her very first feed, Stefan encourages a tearful Elena that even though it was hard, she did it. January 28, Elena confronts Damon when she learns he knew Bonnie had to die and slaps him. After her parents death Elena shut Jeremy and everyone Folger Motogp out to deal with her parents' deaths. Nach Anni Potts kurzen Zusammentreffen zwischen den Beiden Tv Movie 20 15 Elena wieder in den Unterricht. Vampire Diaries Elena Stirbt had Elena so frayed talking about how Bonnie must really hate her after all she's lost because of Elena, that Elena snapped when she saw Connor enter the room. Discovering Amazon Black Week Slater's dead, they instead enlist his girlfriend Alice 's help. 13 & God I'd Leave Keynes Wirtschaftstheorie Happy Home For Sap Kenntnisse Lebenslaufshe takes the Cure to become human Recless Racing. Claire Holt made a special cameo in The Vampire Diariesin the episodes " I Know What You Did Last Summer " [] and " Years of Solitude ". Related: The Vampire Diaries: Every Character Nina Dobrev Played. Elenas beste Freunde sind Bonnie BennettCaroline Forbes und Matt Donovan. As he brings Elena out for the Vox Tv Heute part of the sacrifice, he thanks her and Elena tells him to go to hell. Elena's denim shirt on The Vampire Diaries. Elena's purple wrap sweater on The Vampire Diaries. Elena's black lace shoulder dress on The Vampire Diaries. Elena's red top with lace stripe hem on The Vampire Diaries. Sponsored Links. Elena's navy coat with gold buttons on The Vampire Diaries. 1/19/ · Our heroine for most of The Vampire Diaries is no doubt a captivating one, but she has her share of faults. Elena Gilbert embodies many contradictions, and parts of her character don’t always add up. As we see her go through a whirlwind of mystical journeys and emotional traumas, she does develop as a person. "If you walk away,it's for you because I know what I want. Stefan I love you."The good old this used to have over views on my old accoun. Elena Salvatore3 (née Gilbert) was the former main female protagonist of The Vampire Diaries. At the beginning of the series, Elena appears to be a regular human girl, but is then revealed to be a Petrova doppelgänger. In the Season Three finale, she became a vampire despite never wanting to be. “There were pictures of the main original cast of The Vampire Diaries everywhere, and everyone was trying to figure out what their most iconic looks were,” Bryant recalls. “For Elena, it was. (Also, major props to this show for bringing back Tiki’s grandfather, the very man who recognized Stefan in season 1, thereby causing Elena to look into his past and discover that he was a vampire.). Dr. Elena Salvatore (geb. Gilbert) ist bis zur sechsten Staffel die Hauptfigur von Vampire Diaries. Zu Beginn der Serie scheint Elena ein normales Mädchen zu sein, später stellt sich aber heraus, dass sie ein Petrova-Doppelgänger von der Vampirin Katherineist. Elena was of course famously played by Nina Dobrev in the original Vampire Diaries, though the Josie Saltzman actress will portray her as part of episode 'Salvatore: The Musical!'.

Elena, along with everyone else, light Japanese lanterns and set them free into the sky, in memory of all of the loved ones that they have lost.

In The Rager , Elena heads out to meet Matt at their old make out spot at Mystic Falls High. After dying and coming back, Elena decided she might as well finish her senior year at school.

But first she has to eat. And this is where the rendezvous with Matt comes in. Ever guilty that he survived the car crash, Matt extends his wrist to Elena for a mid-morning snack.

She feeds politely, careful not to kill him. She invites the entire student body of Mystic Falls High — including Elena and Stefan.

But the sight of her gives Elena the full-on rage. The two vamps exchange words. Then Elena throws a pencil at Rebekah.

The Original sister catches it and tosses it back, staking Elena in the shoulder. And I hate that I hate her.

When Elena goes to the bathroom to clean up, Rebekah sends a bleeding classmate into the ladies' room after her. Elena does not take the bait; Rebekah struts in and raises the stakes, smearing the girl's blood all over Elena's face.

She knows this will make Elena vamp out. And, even more importantly, Rebekah knows that Connor Jordan is just down the hall. Minutes after she arrives at Rebekah's bastion of under-aged drinking, Elena again gets the rage and obsesses over Klaus' sister.

The Original vampire knows this and plays it for laughs. Later, Elena is in Damon's room "supposedly" looking for bourbon but he knows that she is lying as she wants the white oak stake.

He starts undressing in front of her which she doesn't seem bothered by and then asking her if she'd like to stay for the show and she walks out.

At one point, Rebekah smoothly lifts Elena's day walker ring off her finger and throws it into the garbage disposal, leaving our new vampire girl awkwardly exposed.

Elena's rage sharpens into a murderous point. Armed with the white oak dagger, she tells Stefan that she plans to kill Rebekah. Stefan responds by reminding her that taking out an Original is not just murdering one vampire.

It is killing every bloodsucker that she sired. Rather than attack her host, Elena does a keg stand on the way out and chugs a gut-load of beer.

Rebekah watches but is distracted but the pain pulsing through her body, caused by the werewolf venom that Connor slipped into the keg. After they leave the party, Stefan and Elena go on a motorcycle ride.

Elena realizes something is wrong a few minutes later when she's almost about to have sex with Stefan. They are just about to take things to the next level, when instead of seeing her beloved Stefan, she sees her be-lusted, Damon.

Elena pushes "Damon" off of her and Stefan is bewildered and confused, wondering what is wrong. After Stefan realizes that Elena has been poisoned with the werewolf venom Connor stole from Tyler, he calls and asks Klaus to save her whom Klaus believes Elena might be worth something to him after all.

But while resting she keeps hallucinating and "seeing" Damon. Matt shows up at her house and Elena tells him about the rage she felt towards Rebekah, then she starts to feed from his wrist.

Only this time she does not stop. She starts hurting him. He tries to pull away; she pushes him back into the cabinet and digs in deeper.

Then, just as she's about to over eat in a way that she will forever regret, Damon vamps in and pushes her off Matt. Stop it," he tells her. Damon compels Matt to forget that Elena almost drank him to death.

Then he turns to her and says, " You are a vampire now. You just have to learn the right way to be one. And I'm going to teach you ".

In The Five , Elena makes sure to inform Stefan of her little field trip with Damon and Bonnie to Whitmore College, where Bonnie's grandmother had taught, as she does not want him to misunderstand.

First, she couldn't go through with it once she chose her victim in a college class after she saw a photo of the girl on her phone with her sister.

Her compassion got in her way. But fortunately, there was the Murder House frat party. Going back to Elena's learning, it's a huge success as Damon, Bonnie, and she crashed a fraternity party that had the theme of 'Murder House'.

Decked out in costumes like the majority of the people, it was easy for Damon and Elena to blend in and feed at their leisure.

Elena's first victim was a guy who roofied a girl's drink, and Damon was behind her to remind her not to kill him. But after that, she was hooked, and she felt good then hugs Damon and she tells him she wants more.

And so she and Damon took the dance floor for victims and to dance together. Elena enjoys herself as she repeatedly chooses her victims, feed, and compels them to forget the incident, and she does not realize how caught up she is in it till Bonnie sees her.

Bonnie gives Damon a reprimanding for letting Elena let loose like that, but Damon is anything but apologetic. He claims Elena is like him more than anything and she's allowed to behave the way she did because she's no longer a human, but a vampire.

Damon walks away hurt and Elena begins to cry as she realizes what she has done to him. He accompanies her home and she apologizes for letting things get out of hand at the party then accidentally hurts his feelings by saying she hates thinking that he's right about what a vampire is supposed to be.

They are interrupted when Stefan opens the door and greets the both of them. Damon leaves both Stefan and Elena on the porch.

Stefan asks Elena how everything went. Elena tells Stefan that she learned how to feed without hurting anyone. However, she tells Stefan that she got caught up in the blood and in the feeding and almost lost control.

Stefan tries to reassure her that the feeding will get easier with time. Elena then slowly starts to break down as she confesses to Stefan that she is becoming something that she doesn't want to become; she is feeling things that she doesn't want to feel.

Elena tells Stefan that she doesn't think that she is going to make it, get through it and survive being a vampire. Stefan comforts her, holding her affectionately and tells her that she will get through it and that she just has to hold on.

In The Killer , at home, Elena is narrating a diary entry she first wrote since her change into a vampire. Apparently the side effects of newbie vampirism include hopelessness, depression, anger, and fear.

A long while. I haven't needed, I haven't wanted to write this stuff down. But I don't want to say it out loud either. The thing is, I'm a vampire.

And I hate it. Damon came to see Elena because Stefan was dodging his calls. We found out Elena hadn't told Stefan about dirty dancing with Damon after she got high on blood at the Murder House Party.

Damon knows she's in a shame spiral filled with newbie vampire remorse, but Elena still wouldn't admit it to anyone but her diary.

When Stefan wouldn't answer a call from Elena's cell, they realized something must be wrong. Connor had taken Jeremy, Matt and April as hostages at the Grill.

Later, Damon found Alaric's map of the tunnels that conveniently provide an entrance to the Grill. Since Connor doesn't know she's a vampire yet, Elena wanted to offer to trade herself for the hostages.

Damon rightfully thought that was a stupid idea because she's not ready to go up against a professional killer. A mock fight ensued that ended with Elena straddling Damon on the bed.

She said Jeremy was the only thing holding her together, and he promised they'd get him out. Damon wondered why Stefan was making references to Klaus in his plan.

He was going to make a move with or without Stefan, so Stefan had to vervain Damon with some of Alaric's stash. Stefan didn't tell Elena the truth—he said he was worried that Damon would get Jeremy out and then go after Connor with no regard for Matt and April's lives.

Elena wanted to go with Stefan, but he told her she wouldn't be able to handle the guilt if she had to defend herself and kill Connor.

Damon woke up, and she wanted him to go to the Grill, but Stefan had taken his day ring, so he couldn't. Elena decided she was going, and Damon told her to use the fact that Connor doesn't know she's a vampire to get as close as she could before making her move.

Elena rushed in and pleaded with Connor to set Jeremy free since he's all the family she has left. Connor said he'd shoot Jeremy right in front of Elena on the count of three if Stefan didn't come out from hiding.

He got to two and Stefan appeared. Elena tackled Connor, but he fired and it hit Jeremy in the gut. Stefan had to get falling Jeremy off the mine fast enough so he could shield them from the bomb with a table.

Elena paused her assault on Connor to ask if Jeremy was okay, and Connor was able to flip her. She held him off long enough for Stefan to get Connor off of her—and Stefan sped away with him.

After Elena fed Jeremy her blood to save him, he told Elena about Connor's tattoo and that someone had compelled him to forget the day he'd spent with Connor.

Connor, of course, ran into Elena in the tunnels, and she took a big bite on his neck. Connor dropped to his knees and called Elena the biggest monster Jeremy would ever meet.

He tried to stake her while he talked to her. Next we saw Elena, she was digging a grave to bury Connor in the woods. She sobbed when Stefan and Damon showed up.

She was angry at Stefan for lying to her. After taking a tortured shower, Elena wrote in her journal some more about how the worst feeling isn't when you lose someone, it's when you lose yourself.

She started seeing drops of blood, then splotches that led her into the bathroom. Blood was everywhere. Written on the mirror was "Killer".

Elena tries to back away from the mirror, but slips on the floor because of all the blood. When Elena looks back down to the floor, she sees no blood, she gets back to her feet.

She then looks at the mirror to see the message, but all she saw was her own reflection, no more blood writing. In We All Go a Little Mad Sometimes , we opened on Elena, whose sleep was so tortured that she had to get up and go make herself a cup of something warm in the kitchen.

Guilty conscience. A struggle ensued and, as one would've predicted from the location, someone ended up with a large knife in his neck.

Elena had seen Connor, but it was really Jeremy, who she'd called for. Elena had Damon come over, and he wondered why she hadn't called Stefan. It's because she doesn't trust him right now, she said.

Damon argued that killing Jeremy was worse than compelling him. Enter Stefan. I called Stefan," Damon said. Jeremy awoke after Elena headed upstairs to shower, and though Stefan followed her to talk, she was still having none of him.

Elena finally got to take her shower and saw blood in the water. She was having more visions of Connor, and when she ran to Damon, she saw Connor instead of him.

She bolted the house, and Klaus grabbed her and sped off. At his mansion, Klaus showed Elena to her new bedroom. Pretty fabulous accommodations, unless you like windows.

He told her that she'd want to kill herself soon enough—he had. For 52 years, four months, and nine days.

He was tormented in his dreams, in his every waking moment, he said. The problem was he's an Original immortal. Elena asked Klaus how he made the torment stop.

He said he didn't. It just eventually happened. Elena figured that's why Stefan had tried to keep Connor alive—so no one would feel suicidal.

Chris informed Elena that she was only being kept there until Klaus figured out where to hide her long term.

When he left the room, Connor appeared again. Connor made her feel guilty about the family he left behind, including his brother and parents.

Then he reminded her that she was the reason her parents were on that bridge the night they died.

Elena wasn't taking the bait, so he thought maybe she'd listen to someone else—and poof, there was Katherine. Katherine had tortured Elena by saying she'd end up being as bad as her.

Katherine had Elena so frayed talking about how Bonnie must really hate her after all she's lost because of Elena, that Elena snapped when she saw Connor enter the room.

She stabbed him with a sword and bolted again. Stefan called Damon to ask him to find Elena because she'd listen to him.

Elena found herself walking to the only place she could if she was going to die again -- the Wickery Bridge. She had Connor on one side and Katherine on the other.

When she got to the bridge, her mother appeared and told her it was okay. She got Elena to finally say she was a monster and deserved to die.

Elena took off her day ring and dropped it in the water below. When the sun comes up, she'd burn. Elena had second thoughts. She couldn't leave Jeremy.

But her mother assured her that Jeremy would still have her—as a ghost that helped her, not a monster that hurt her.

Anyway, Damon showed up and soon enough, He was the only one she could actually see during her hallucinations. The only one who didn't appear to her as someone else.

When Jeremy becomes the new hunter after killing Chris , the curse is broken and the hallucinations stops. But now the sun was rising, and Elena began blistering and smoking.

She called for Damon, and he grabbed her and jumped off the bridge into the water. Elena woke up in her bed at home with the day ring back on her finger.

Damon had fished it out of the river. She grabbed his hand and thanked him for saving her life. They were sitting on her bed. He could have taken advantage of her heightened sense of gratitude.

But he didn't. He didn't leave go of her hand, but he told her, "I am about to take a very high, annoying road and tell you something Finally, we get to the breakup.

Sitting on the porch, Elena asked Stefan why he'd sent Damon to her on the bridge instead of coming himself.

He told her it's because lately, he seems to be the one who can reach her, the one she trusts even when she doesn't trust him. Stefan told her after all they'd been through, she can finally admit it.

She didn't say she loved Damon, but she admitted what she wants is darker now. He understood: Her feelings for Damon are magnified. He told her that he understood why she wanted Damon when he was the Ripper, because he'd driven her to Damon.

But now, he just can't keep doing this. Elena understands leading them to officially end their relationship for good.

In My Brother's Keeper , at the pageant, Caroline made her disapproval of Elena's newbie vampire confusion of the heart known.

Then, she backed off. Elena just wants time to figure out what these intensified feelings for Damon are. They got interrupted by Professor Shane, who's judging the pageant and they thinks it might be creepy that Bonnie is as obsessed with Shane-approved magic as she is.

The next morning, Elena had bigger concerns at the moment, like disagreeing with Caroline over whether April should wear a safe blue dress Caroline's pick or a more revealing red one Damon's choice.

He remembered she'd worn blue to last year's pageant—which was sweet. Elena agreed with Damon and he replied "And my work here is done", then walked out of the room.

Caroline reminded her that she hated the red one and Elena decided it should be April's choice and ran after Damon.

Now it was Elena asking for Damon to wait for her there so she could tell him the reason she broke up with Stefan was because of him. Damon's surprised reaction was also sweet.

Shane interrupted and Damon went off to ask him about a new hunter, but he couldn't help but look back at Elena and smile.

When the pageant began, they stared and smiled at one another. Matt realized Jeremy wasn't there to escort April as Caroline announced the contestants for the traditional dance number, so he told Elena that Jeremy had been having nightmares in which he killed her so she'd be motivated to go find him—and then he escorted April.

When the dance began, Damon and Elena remembered their first dance at the pageant. Caroline ran to Elena, wanting to know where Jeremy was.

Damon told her and Elena not to worry. Jeremy had probably just enjoyed the open bar—because you know how easy it is for kids to get their hands on alcohol in this town.

Elena said Damon was probably right, and that set Caroline off. She reminded Elena that Damon is sneaky, manipulative, and rude—never right.

Sneaky and manipulative Klaus appearing to tell Caroline she was making a scene probably didn't help Caroline's moral high ground routine.

Later, Elena saw Jeremy and chased after him. He doesn't want to stake her, only everything in his body tells him that he does.

Eventually, he went for it. She thought she knocked him out, only she hadn't. He stabbed her in the neck using his stake rail-gun. Matt arrived to try to talk Jeremy out of finishing the job, but it was Stefan who finally saved Elena.

Elena wanted to do the worst possible thing she could—go find Jeremy. Stefan stopped her and told her that he's beginning to think when a hunter kills, the urge just gets stronger.

Elena told him she didn't want her humanity back if it meant stripping Jeremy of his, but Stefan said this was the only to "fix" her.

Elena told him he doesn't have to love the new her, he just has to let the old one go. And Damon walked up, putting Elena literally in the middle of the two brothers.

That night, Elena moved out of the Gilbert's House and moved into the Salvatore Boarding House. Stefan told Elena to pick a room and he'd crash elsewhere.

Meaning she is now living with Damon. Damon and Elena sitting in front of the fire and welcoming her to the whiskey club. He thought she hated whiskey.

After she recapped how everyone else hated her at the moment, Damon told her he'd never seen her more alive. And then she told him the dance today had reminded her of their dance.

She'd wanted to dance with him again. He stood up and offered her his hand. They dance—very, very slowly. And closely. Which leads them to romantically kiss and have sex for the first time in Damon's bedroom.

Stefan and Caroline found out at the same time that Elena is sired to Damon. In We'll Always Have Bourbon Street , Damon woke up and Elena quickly joined him by wearing just his shirt.

She noticed a certain look on his face and he told her that he's happy then she kissed him passionately.

When getting ready to leave, Damon wanted to wait a day to tell Stefan about them being a couple, and Elena, of course, eventually agreed.

Stefan showed up as she was leaving Salvatore Mansion. At school, Elena invited Bonnie and Caroline out for a girl's night at the Salvatore Mansion which they agreed to.

She then saw Damon down the hall and quickly followed him. He gives her a blood bag and "I can't believe this, Damon! I don't have to hurt people anymore!

She hugs and kisses him before going to class. During night, at Salvatore Mansion, the girls were having a dance party.

Bonnie was taking videos of Elena doing vamp speed on her phone while Elena and Caroline were drinking wine. Later, they ended up in Damon's bathroom, with Elena sitting in the tub.

Caroline took the opportunity to insult Damon again and call him a man slut whose tub would be filled with cooties which upset Elena. Elena admitted she'd slept with Damon and said she'd asked the girls there that night to tell them how happy she is.

Elena eventually told them she thought she was falling in love with Damon, and Caroline blurted out that it wasn't love, it was a sire bond.

Once Elena heard that Caroline had been talking to Stefan about this, she asked Caroline and Bonnie to leave. When she opened the door, Kim and Adrian were there and attacked the girls then took Caroline with them.

Tyler took Elena with him to find Caroline and had time to tell her that the sire bond doesn't change your feelings, just your actions.

They found Caroline, and Kim was ready to make her power play in front of the unsired pack. She was about to stake Caroline when Elena said to torture her instead since Klaus wants so badly to keep her alive.

Kim moved toward Elena, and Tyler broke free and threatened to rip her heart out. With his hand in her body, he told her and the pack that they have to work together if they want to live freely or they'd all die.

Kim apologized and the rest of the pack joined her in kneeling before Tyler, who is officially the alpha.

At Salvatore Mansion, Caroline and Elena hugged it out, and Bonnie told them that Shane is teaching her "expression. Damon was prepared to do it, too, when he got home, but Elena somehow knew he was about to set her free and asked him not to.

She's happy, she said. That's when he said what would make him happy is knowing that all this time he was in love with her, it was real.

He wasn't going to give up: He knows he's not the good guy, he's the selfish one who lies to his brother, falls in love with his girl, and doesn't do the right thing—but, he said, he has to do the right thing by her.

She put his hand on her heart and asked if it felt wrong. She touched his face and asked if it felt wrong. He doesn't break up with her.

The episode ends with Damon confused. In O Come, All Ye Faithful , Damon wasn't going to release Elena from the sire bond, he did the next most decent thing: He refused to sleep with her.

I don't see how it can fail. And I can't tell you how much better I feel. It's so good just to be able to share this problem with Stefan.

I've learned my lesson; I'll never keep things from him again. I'm wearing my ring tomorrow. If Mrs.

Grimesby asks me about it, I'll tell her it's even older than 19th century, it's from Renaissance Italy. I'd like to see her face when I say that.

I woke with the strangest feeling. I didn't know where I was and just lay here smelling the clean cotton-and-fabric-softener scent of the sheets, trying to figure out why everything looked so familiar.

I wasn't in Lady Ulma's mansion. There, I had slept nestled in the smoothest satin and softest velvet, and the air had smelled of incense.

And I wasn't at the boardinghouse: Mrs. Flowers washes the bedding there in some weird-smelling herbal mixture that Bonnie says is for protection and good dreams.

Everything and nothing has changed. It's the same room I slept in from when I was a tiny baby: my polished cherry-wood dresser and rocking chair; the little stuffed black-and-white dog Matt won at the winter carnival our junior year perched on a shelf; my rolltop desk with its cubbyholes; the ornate antique mirror above my dresser; and the Monet and Klimt posters from the museum exhibit in Washington, DC.

Even my comb and brush are lined up neatly side by side on my dresser. It's all as it should be. I got out of bed and used a silver letter opener from the desk to pry up the secret board in my closet floor, my old hiding place, and I found this diary, just where I hid it so many months ago.

The last entry is the one I wrote before Founder's Day back in November, before I Before I left home and never came back. Until now. In that entry I detailed our plan to steal back my other diary, the one Caroline took from me, the one that she was planning to read aloud at the Founder's Day pageant, knowing it would ruin my life.

The very next day, I drowned in Wickery Creek and rose again as a vampire. And then I died again and returned as a human, and traveled to the Dark Dimension, and had a thousand adventures.

And my old diary has been sitting right here where I left it under the closet floor, just waiting for me. The other Elena, the one that the Guardians planted in everyone's memories, was here all these months, going to school and living a normal life.

That Elena didn't write here. I'm relieved, really. How creepy would it be to see diary entries in my handwriting and not remember any of the things they recounted?

Althought that might have been helpful. I have no idea what everyone else in Fell's Church thinks has been happening in the months since Founder's Day.

The whole town of Fell's Church has been given a fresh start. The kitsune destroyed this town out of sheer malicious mischief.

Pitting children against their parents, making people destroy themselves and everyone they loved. If the Guardians made good on their word, everyone else who died is now alive again: poor Vickie Bennett and Sue Carson, murdered by Katherine and Klaus and Tyler Smallwood back in the winter; disagreeable Mr.

Tanner; those innocents that the kitsune killed or caused to be killed. All back again, all starting over. And, except for me and my closest friends - Meredith, Bonnie, Matt, my darling Stefan, and Mrs.

Flowers - no one else knows that life hasn't gone on as usual ever since Founder's Day. Everyone except Damon. He saved us, in the end, but we couldn't save him.

No matter how hard we tried or how desperately we pleaded, there was no way for the Guardians to bring him back.

And vampires don't reincarnate. They don't go to Heaven, or Hell, or any kind of aferlife. They just Damon died in my arms. It was agonizing to watch him slip away from me.

But I'll never let Stefan know how I truly felt about his brother. It would be cruel - and what good would it do now? I still can't believe he's gone.

There was no one as alive as Damon - no one who loved life more than he did. Now he'll never know -. Games Movies TV Video Wikis.

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I'm tired. This diary is going to be well-hidden, for obvious reasons. I wonder who our new European History teacher will be.

Which means I have to find a way to get the diary. I have to. But I can't. Dann folgt die nächste Überraschung. Was schockt euch mehr: "Enzos" Serientod, oder dass "Stefan" wieder menschlich wird?

In der 8. Staffel müssen wir uns von einem Serienliebling verabschieden Die beliebte Kultserie "Vampire Diaries" endet nach Staffel 8.

Die "Auferstehung" von "Stefan". Vampire Diaries ,. A glaring example of this has to be when she sends Jeremy out of town, and takes away his choice in the matter completely with the use of compulsion.

Later in the series, she tries rescuing him from an agitated vampire hunter on her own, despite potential consequences. Is it really fair for Elena to have criticized Stefan for wanting Rebekah to erase his memories of her?

She literally does the exact same thing in a later season when she asks Alaric to compel away her fond memories of Damon.

You would also think Elena would have healthier ways to manage her grief after losing so many people. To be fair, the Salvatores especially Stefan were the most concerned with getting Elena the cure for vampirism.

However, as their quest for The Cure goes on, Elena realizes the danger involved for her loved ones. When she finally gets it after everything her friends sacrificed for her, she feeds it to Katherine as revenge.

Though it made for an interesting storyline later, this moment made no sense. As many inconsistencies as there with Elena, she was still the star and heart of The Vampire Diaries.

Everything seemed to revolve around her or tie back to her in some way. Her presence did tie everyone together in a way, and viewers undoubtedly felt the loss of Nina Dobrev-- hence the show ending in season eight.

What else makes no sense about Elena Gilbert in The Vampire Diaries? Let us know in the comments.

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Vampire Diaries Elena Stirbt


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